Sound man

                     "All we got to do is sample your bollocks"

                    "Your not gonna sample my bollocks matey"

                         "oh come on you great big poof"

The sound man fight is the first fight in Bottom Live 3 Hooligans Island.

The fightEdit

After being tricked into shagging a dead Albatross by Eddie Richie decides to attack him punching him several times Eddie punches him many times back but Richie managed to poke him in the eyes and hits him in the knackers only for the impact to make a weird dinging sound. After several more hits to Eddie bollocks which made more weird noises including Eddie told Richie that he had a sound man up their. Excited at it Richie believed they could have a hit single on thier hands an that all they needed to do was sample Eddies bollocks. Eddie however unhappy at the thought of someone sampling his bollock beat Richie with a shovel and knocked him out, though he continued to beat him even after he knocked him out.

Who winsEdit

Eddie of course, though Richie doesn't seem to mind as he at least gets to make breakfast as a result and loves having at least something to do..