It's my room! - The Young Ones - BBC

It's my room! - The Young Ones - BBC

Rick and Vyv

The room fight was the first fight between Rick and Vyvyan and the first fight between Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson on television.

The FightEdit

The fight began when the Rick, Vyv, Neil and Mike moved into a new house. When trying to pick their bedroom's Vyvyan and Rick clashed. Vyv tried to steal Ricks bedroom, though Rick tried to stop him from entering the room Vyv still pushed past him easily. Rick demanded that Vyv get off his property and Vyv punched him, Rick in retaliation threw a large piece of wood at Vyv's head, but he ducked and it went crashing out the window. Vyv then threw his clothes around the room declaring that it must be his bedroom as all his clothes where here, however Rick simply smashed the window and then threw them out. Vyv then set fire to the bed stating that it was Ricks room after all, though Rik suddenly denied he had ever said that. The two then told Neil his bedroom was on fire and Neil came out from his room after which Vyv managed to steal Neils bedroom before Rick could react.

Who winsEdit

Vyvyan obviously, Rick doesn't land one hit on Vyv and Vyv on top of that burns Ricks bedroom and steals Neil's room too.