Imgres (12)

is a self proclaimed anarchist studying Sociology and domestic sciences. He writes poetry (which is awful) and believes himself to be the spokesperson for his generation. He is despised by all the others in the flat esspecially Vyvyan who attacks him regularly and has in fact tried to kill Rick on a number of occassions. He is played by Rik Mayall

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Rick comes from a very well off family, with his parents not only being very rich but also being supporters of the conservative party, despite this however Rick often claims he comes from a working class background and sees himself as an Anarchist (even writing a massive A on the back of his coat). He could be described as a radical and claims to be a follower of both Vladimir Lennon and Leon Trotsky though in reality he has little to no understanding of the political beliefs he claims to follow. Rick is a vegetarian, agnostic and wishes all men would love each other like brothers, though he never does anything that could be attributed to brotherly love and frequently kills small animals, including hacking a rat in half with Neils guitar. He is very hypocritical and regularly throws tantrums and fits, he is also very cowardly and often tries to sell the others out in a time of crisis (such as when the TV detector man shows up after the four haven't payed their bill and he writes "It was the other three not me, IT REALLY WAS THE OTHER THREE" or when the vampire is attacking and he tries to get the Vampire to bite Neil) Rick is an obsessive Cliff Richard fan and even wrote a poem about him, and recorded his own cover version of the Cliff Richard song the Young Ones. He often tries to impress the others with his non existant wit, talent and humour. He also regularly bullies Neil both physically and mentally in an attempt to keep in with Vyvyan and Mike. However both Vyvyan and Mike despise Rick far more than they do Neil, and Vyvyan frequently attacks Rick with cricket bats, cricket balls, frying pans, pokers, plates, bottles, radios, shovels, hammers, bricks, large pieces of wood and his own fists. Vyvyan has tried to kill Rick aswell many times, by burying him alive, setting fire to him during a cricket match, throwing a petrol bomb into his bedroom, strapping a circular saw to his bed and shooting him with a massive cannon, Vyvyan also regularly steals and destroys Ricks possessions. Rick however is so self obsessed that he believes he and Vyvyan are really " terriffic friends" and that he is the most popular member of the flat, though he does discover in Bambi how hated he is when he makes a bet with the others if they like him or not. Rick is in fact hated by just about everyone he meets, his former classmates at school simply said of him "Prick is a wonker" whilst his name card on university challenge has P written beside it (Vyvyan also insists Rick spells his name with a silent P), he is considered universally including by encyclopedias and university challenge to be "the worlds stupidest bottom burp" and is the main target of physical abuse not just from Vyvyan but from other characters including the Balowfski family, Vyvyans mother, christians, fellow students and police officers. Rick is an aspiring poet and refers to himself as "the peoples poet", he believes that his poems will change society and that kids look to him for inspiration. He has an intense dislike for Margaret Thatcher even threatning to blow up england with a bomb unless she does something to help the kids. However despite all of his claims of being an Anarchist he is really very conservative at heart, not only coming from a rich conservative background but also later admitting that Thatcher "got the country back on its feet" , he is also shown to terriffied and intimidated when he meets a real Anarchist at a party he is throwing. Rick is a closet transvestite, and he is later exposed by Neil.

The summer of 1984 proved to be a hard time for Rick. Though initially he thought he was going to have a great time, having finished his exams (which he initially believed he had passed) and having a holiday with his parents to look forward to. He soon however not only had endure endless beatings at the hands of Vyvyan, who at one point set fire to his arse, but he also discovered that his parents had died. He of course had no sympathy from his housemates with Neil responding "oh you think thats bad" and Mike telling Rick to stop crying about it because it was ruining his holiday, and Vyvyan knocking him out with a cricket bat. Things got worse when the foursomes facist landlord Mr Balowfski kicked all of them out of their house. Now living on the street, Rick, Neil Vyvyan and Mike soon discovered that they had come bottom in the whole world for their exam results (with Rick having come bottom out of them, something which the postman took great delight in telling Rick) with no money or qualifications the four of them decided to rob a bank. During the robbery things went wrong and Vyvyan crashed the getaway car, Rik seemingly fled the scene leaving the other three to to be arrested. However at the last minute he showed up in a stolen double decker bus, and in an uncharacteristic act of loyalty and friendship rescued the the others by driving them to safety. On the run Vyvyan took over as the bus driver and things were finally looking up with the four boys all getting along for once, even singing the Cliff Richard song Summer Holiday together. Rick took over as the leader of the group delivering a big speech on how they were "wild eyed, big bottomed Anarchists" who could do whatever they wanted to do much to the others delight. However in the middle of his speech Vyvyan lost control of the bus and it went over the edge of the cliff where it exploded killing all four of them.

Despite Ricks death and the fact that he was now a wanted criminal, Rick along with his former housemates Vyvyan Mike and Neil would record a cover of the song living doll with Sir Cliff Richard for charity. The song got to number 1 in the charts but all the money went to charity leaving Rick and the others poor, Sir Cliff also had no idea who Rick was but Rick assumed he was joking.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Rick only inflicts violence on Vyvyan three times in the entire series these are, when Rick stabs a needle into his head after Vyvyan tells him he burned Ricks bedroom in flood, and in the Virgin fight where Rick grabs Vyvyans testicles and crashes a cupboard over his head. Both occassions led to fights which Vyvyan won. Neil has in fact inflicted violence on Vyvyan more times than Rick has.
  • Rick has been described by Ben Elton one of the shows creators as "Try hard wanna be lefty" typically found on University campuses at the time.
  • Rick has both a lisp and cannot pronounce the letter R properly. He says his name as both "Wick" and "Vick"