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The nose hair fight is a short fight seen in the very first episode of Bottom, smells. Though not as long or as gruesome as some later fights in the series it holds the honour of being the first fight in Bottom

The FightEdit

The fight began when Richie wanted to trim his nose hairs in an attempt to look sexy and attractive. With no tweesers, he decided to use pliars. Having Eddie do it Eddie grabbed Richie by the bridge of the nose instead and began swinging him around the bathroom bashing Ritchies head off of the sink, and the toilet. Almost pulling the bridge of Richies nose off Ritchie punched Eddie, angry at seeing that his nose hairs hadn't been clipped Richie smashed a mirror over Eddies head, Eddie then punched Richie through a door, just as he was about to srtick Richie again Richie convinced Eddie that they didn't need to fight as they could take their frustrations out any woman they got off with, and the two made up.

Who WinsEdit

No one really, though Eddie does land more hits and it is Richies idea to stop the fight so its really more Eddies fight.