Dangerous brothers

Lady Adrian Dangerous (right).

Lady Adrian Dangerous is the much abused, yet more violent brother of Sir Richard Dangerous. Often the one who has to endure the horrific and sometimes fatal stunts, Lady Adrian along with his brother enjoyed a short lived but very popular career on television before getting banned for being too sexy and violent.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Lady Adrian Dangerous regularly performed with his vile and loathsome brother Sir Richard Dangerous as the double act "The Dangerous Brothers" . The act involved the two men doing incredible stunts, being the stronger, braver (and more stupid) of the two, Lady Adrian Dangerous was often forced or tricked into doing these dangerous stunts by his brother, which included, being set on fire, tortured, shot out of a cannon (whilst on fire) blown up, catapulted threw a wall, electrocuted and having his fingers and penis crushed by a piano. In addition to these Sir Richard Dangerous regularly abused Lady Adrian Dangerous often punching him, tweaking his nipples, stabbing and crushing his testicles and hitting him over the head with bottles frying pans and hammers. Lady Adrian Dangerous often took this abuse due to the fact that he was so stupid he was unaware he was being attacked. However the very few times he did retaliate to Richards abuse he often ended up pounding Sir Richard Dangerous into the ground.

Whilst the Dangerous Brothers were a popular act they were eventually banned for being to sexy and to violent. However they later got their own back on Saturday live by interrupting a Fry and Laurie sketch where Lady Adrian Dangerous attacked Hugh Laurie by hitting him over the hit with a chair and also convinced Fry and Laurie to act in a more dangerous way. The two then blew up Saturday Live HQ but ended up destroying their own car thanks to Lady Adrian Dangerous's stupidity.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Lady Adrian Dangerous is the only one of Adrian Edmondsons characters that is shown to be more submissive to Rik Mayall's character. Normally Mayall's character is the one who endures the more abuse and is beaten up the vast majority of the time by Edmondsons character in their collaborations. However whilst Lady Adrian Dangerous does endure more abuse he is still shown to be the stronger of the two of them as demonstrated by the fact that whenever he does rarely retaliate against Richard Dangerous he always ends up defeating him.
  • Adrian Edmondson was once harmed for real whilst filming one of the Dangerous Brothers sketches where Lady Adrian Dangerous has his legs set on fire. During the filming of this stunt Adrian Edmondson was supposed to shout out a security word if something went wrong. However when something did go wrong Edmondson forgot the word and ended up being badly burnt for real.
  • Adrian Edmondson had previously played Lady Adrian Dangerous on stage years before playing him on Saturday Live.