Guest House Paradiso - Kitchen Fight Scene

Guest House Paradiso - Kitchen Fight Scene

Possibly the most violent fight in Rik and Ade's career.

The Kitchen brawl was the main fight in the bottom movie. It is one of the most violent fights in the history of bottom and is the most violent scene in the whole film.

The FightEdit

The fight Began when Eddie had enough of Richie abusing him. Richie had in the last few minutes twisted Eddies nipple off, punched him, thrown a pencil into his eye and popped his testicles. Wanting revenge badly Eddie blew a pencil right up Richies arsehole. Richie driven by psychotic fury attcked Eddie beating him relentlessly with a keetle. He hit Eddie so many times in the face with the keetle that Eddies face actually became enmbedded in the Keetle. Eddie then grabbed a fire extinguisher and beat Richie who pitifully begged for mercy with it. Knocking Richie to the floor (and breaking the pencil in the process) just as Eddie was about to strike the killing blow he slipped on an egg and the fire extinguisher fell on his head. While he was dazed Richie used this opportunity and grabbed Eddie and began slamming Eddies face in the fridge door. Eddie begged Richie "Not the fridge" but Richie kept smashing his face in, however a few seconds later Eddie overpowered Richie and began slamming Richies face in the fridge door for several minutes. Richie managed to push Eddie off of him and stuck two meat hooks up Eddies nostrils. Shoving them up there and smashing his head off of the table Eddie grabbed a nut cracker and used it to crush Richies testicles. Richie let out an ear piercing agonising scream and proccedded to kick Eddie relentlessly in the testicles. Richie then kicked Eddie in the testicles so hard that Eddie lost his grip on the Nutcracker, and Richie then swung him by the meat hooks until he lost his grip and Eddie went flying out of the window. Richie had won, but mere seconds later he was knocked out by an angry customer whom he had called fat.

Who winsEdit

Richie definetly, Eddies lands some great hits on him, that nutcracker thing is one of the most painful attacks ever seen in the history of Bottom, and he also has RItchie at one point on the floor begging. But this is Richies fight all the way, he not only lands way more hits on him but actually for once wins the fight.