Bottom - The Hobnob Fight (Another Hilarious Scene, Never Fails To Make Me Laugh)

Bottom - The Hobnob Fight (Another Hilarious Scene, Never Fails To Make Me Laugh)

Hobnob fight
The Hobnob fight was the main fight in the episode S'out. It features what is considered one of the most painful gags in the series where Ritchie's eye is impaled on a pole and is one of the few fights in the seires that ends in a draw.

The FightEdit

The fight began when Eddie and Ritchie decided to rough it out in Wimbeldon common. Eddie had remembered to bring the tin opener whilst Ritchie had forgotten the tins, (though Ritchie still claimed it was Eddies fault, and that Eddie had made him forget them) faced with starvation Eddie however revealed he had brought a packet of chocolate Hobnobs. Eddie did not want to share any of them with Ritchie however, and though Ritchie tried to appeal to Eddies better nature Eddie still told him to simply bugger off and tried to eat them all to make sure Ritchie could get none. Ritche then tried to bite the hobnobs only for Eddie to punch him in the teeth, Ritchie attempted to retaliate but Eddie got out of the way in time and Ritchie instead hit the bench breaking his fist on the metal. Eddie quickly hid in their small tent but Ritchie could hear him eating and began hitting him with one of the poles holding the tent up and started jumping on his back. Eddie got out of the tent in time and when Ritchie saw him (having initially believed he had flatned Eddie) he tried to grab the hobnobs only for Eddie to throw him onto the other pole where his eye was impaled. Pulling the pole from his eye Ritchie attempted to hit Eddie only to hit the hobnobs instead knocking them through the air into the pond. Ritchie decided to punch Eddie, but Eddie hit him in the testicles first and then in the jaw. Ritchie however would land one sucker punch on Eddie and both men collapsed and fainted just as the hobnobs sunk into the pond.

Who WinsEdit

Its a draw, they both land great hits on each other, Ritchie jumping on Eddies back, Eddie impaling Ritchies eye on a pole. Added to that they both knock each other out, they also both lose those tasty chocolate Hobnobs so everyones a loser here.