Arse Oddity
"You mean to say these last 25 years all I have ever had to say is I give in and you will stop thrashing me to a spec"

Edies Bra Fight was the main fight in the 2001 an arse oddity tour.

The FightEdit

The fight begun when Eddie after having warned Richie a fight would break out soon misunderstood something Richie said and attacked him calling him a "mouthy lard bucket". Eddie punched Richie and Richie retaliated by hitting Eddie with a keetle. The two continued to fight with Richie seemingly gaining the upper hand until Eddie decided his emotions weren't alcohol fuelled enough. After drinking some more Eddie retaliated with a baseball bat that he kept behind the bar in case of trouble makers and beat Richie badly. Just as Eddie was about to deliver the killing blow Richie begged for mercy. Eddie then told him if he wanted to give in then Eddie would stop beating him to a pulp. Richie was horrified to learn that for the last 25 years he could have avoided being thrashed to a bloody pulp by Eddie if he simply said "I give in" . Nevertheless Richie still gave in and Eddie who was appalled at the thought he would still thrash Richie after he gave in as he considered himself a gentleman. 

Who winsEdit

Eddie of course but at least Richie learns he can avoid getting thrashed quite so badly in the future by saying "I give in".